Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rounding home...

So here we are bottom of the nineth, bases loaded and I'm up to bat. This week is so very nerve racking...not only is my first T-Ball practice today, but my first half marathon is on the 12th, not to forget my last weigh in is in 3 DAYS!!! Can you all believe its been 5 months already? Have you reached your goals? I am very glad and proud to say that I have and I'm loving every minute of it. I also got a new used bike the other day and I cant wait to get out there on this gorgeous day so enough mushy stuff on the computer, I'm going outside!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Its official its almost summer. This year has been a crazy one. You see my whole life I have struggled with low self esteem due to being overweight or having missing/black teeth, but all that is gone now. Thank to some great inspiration and GREAT help from my grandma. Now here comes the biggest test of all...I am a coach for a T-Ball team! This means that a person who cant even call the pizza guy because of social anxiety will be out on the field with 12 kids and their parents (two of those kids are mine though, I think it might be less work if they weren't though). The amazing part is I am actually excited! I have no more excuses, I am in great shape, I look great, I have a fantastic smile, and I KNOW that I can do anything! I have been the "fat boy" my whole life, but no more! I am Justin Bartlett and I will do all the things I always wanted to.

Thank you to all those who have helped me get here...I know I can be an ass pain but I hope you know that I love and appreciate all of you...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scaling new heights not that interesting to me. I always end up fighting with my wife because all though there is a lot to talk about I never know what to say. So here it goes, This week has been filed with fun things likegetting paid to go fishing, going climbing on the rock wall, going golfing, finding my float tube, watching Kari drink calories( she had a beer), driving from utah to colorado (not). Not mention that although I have given Karis husband crap for 8 years about buying clothes in the little boys section, I realized yesterday that now I could too! Yesterday I wore a borrowed pair and found out that thats where they came from. LIFE IS GOOD

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

fitting in

This week will be a short post because nothing very exciting is going on. The biggest news of the week was that when I went fishing yesterday with my dad and brother, I was the only one who not only fit but fit well and quickly into my waders. Cant wait for the weather to settle down and get in a few more trips to the lake/river well whatever really...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Higher land

This week has been a good one for getting back on track. I have return to my training and actually ran my 6mi. along with my other runs. I also worked nearly 40 hours this week and that is really exciting, maybe soon I will see an end to this slow winter. Yesterday was a very exciting day, that started out very shitty. I woke up knowing I had to get my car safety and emission, my van new tires and alignment and knowing that I didn't want to do any of it! Then I went to actually accomplish these tasks and found out that it was not doable. The car didn't pass, and the issues the van had were going to cost twice what it was worth just to make it safe to drive. I was really frustrated, I mean I was supposed to go fishing and instead my wife was dragging me to a dealership to look at cars that I knew I wasn't going to like. Then three hours later I walked out with new hopes for this summer. We found a great deal on a 4 wheel drive Toyota highlander with the tow package and anti-rocky mountain pin strip coating (and interior mud guard). How many dirt road have I NOT taken because my POS van couldn't get me there! Hello Utah hiking trails and if I can convince my wife I might even look into a KSL boat. I have been loosing all this weight so that I could physically handle all these outdoor activities and now I can also actually get to them! My imagination is running wild with all the new possibilities...Got to go daydream and dream shop on Ksl now see ya....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

cutting it close

Talk about cutting it close...I have 31 mins to post this blog before I am LATE, again. This has been a very interesting week. Forthe first time in 4 months I worked a close to 40 hour week and I did it in 4 days! Talk about all or nothing. I also am still getting used to my new teeth, never realized how weird something so small could feel. On the downside, all this business with work and teeth has kept me from training for the half I am supposed to be running soon, so my goal for next week is to do the training, and to blog on the seventh day...we will see how that goes..catch ya next week


Friday, April 16, 2010

My new grill

A few weeks back I got an email from my grandma. She said that she wanted to help me get my teeth fixed. You see my two front teeth (#9 and 10 for those who know) were knocked out by a softball when I was in 11th grade. They were put back in but never capped, so they just turned black and broke over time. I would have gotten them fixed myself but it was extremely expensive and I have 4 young kids and lots of bills. I am not really sure why she all the sudden wanted to fix my teeth but after some prodding by my wife I decided, "why the hell not!". It has been two week now since that email and I am sporting a temporary bridge and will have a permanent bridge after my jaw has time to heal (appointment is sat for July 15th). I spent my adolescence fat, I spent young adulthood toothless and heavy, and Today I have teeth and a body I am proud of (who would be proud of a size 30 waist). For the first time ever I will put a picture of my face on my blog, now its not the best since its 1hr post surgery but I am pretty excited about it.

And just as a reference this is what they looked like before...